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Technology epicenter focusing on computers
best search engine atm
dogpile searches 30 search engines including google and ranks them against each other in hits. dogpile is also an honest search engine so you always get the same search unlike google and yahoo. advertisements are obvious with dogpile.
Things being added to the website
1) RSS feed
2) see the leck linux webpage for current projects







Welcome to Lecksite! anchor link
this webpage was last updated
Everything on this site is 100% free (unless otherwise noted in bold green text), legalish, and virus free.
you can access every page on this website directly from this page except for the pages off of "do it yourself" and "old pages"
my download page works again and i upgraded it, but there is a problem with indirect downloads. please visit my download page for more current details on indirect downloads. direct downloads work.
microsoft stopped official support for windows xp in 2004 (no more service packs, sales of xp, and phone calls). in 2014 microsoft stopped security updates for windows xp (computer will be less safe as time goes on). details how to keep windows xp as secure as possible are on the leck linux webpage (on the right sidebar)
as with most things on this website, things are in reverse chronological order from the top to the bottom. that means the newest videos and links are at the top of the page.
a couple pages on this website don't work exactly the way they should because i use this website as practice for making and selling websites. this website will always be in the process of being improved, but i'll keep it functional at least.
the bottom of most pages has a joke
Downloads anchor link

here is how you can download movies, games, and tv serieses as well as software (games and applications) anonymously.
every so often kickass torrents will go down, so use the link below it if yo can't wait.
you'll need torrent software installed which you can find on my download page (will add anchor link soon) or using the link below for utorrent
in order to watch free videos anonymously: search for movies and reviews with this link
download the videos with this first link
this is not the only torrent software, but it is the best to my knowledge

here are some links to help get video games to work and very important internet tools for games
this tests if your computer is able to run a video game (if there is a question if your computer is fast enough)
tests how fast your internet connection truely is
to test if you have a file transfer protocol server like filzilla server which is working
(port 21)
this checks if your firewall ports are open, which is very important for most complex video games
i'm leaving this on to remind me i have an ftp server
i made a page of "do it yourself" things to save money. most of the things on this page are computer related.
Multiplayer Games (internet games (not web browser games)) anchor link
high scores for retro games
The multiplayer games with pictures are playable. these are games which support many players at once from 6 to 5,000 people at once and can only be found on Lecksite
(most of these games have a way to play single player) Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games Leck World of Warcraft SERVER IS DOWN INDEFINITELY

BlueCobra Minecraft is an mmorts (mmo real time strategy) with a focus on dungeon crawls. You make things, so the progression is based on items. The world is almost 100% maniuplatable (they call it sandbox design). you move like super mario on nes but in a 3d world, and the people who made the game obviously based it on zelda and dnd, as well as hints in the game of fps.
you need a graphics card 128mb and java (not a 64mb gpu with a 256mb aperature size).
see Bluecobra's minecraft website for more details on how to play:

First Person Shooter

Unreal Tornament (you can play single player, and it has ai to control your opponents)

i run a dedicated server if you want to play without lag. ask me for details.

Real time strategy

Starcraft is a basic and very well made rts. It was made by the makers of world of warcraft around 2000 (wow came out in 2004)


(old games)
Spy vs spy 8 bit or mariokart 16 bit


not sure yet


Dance Dance Revolution (Stepmania)


Chess, final fantasy tactics, clue, or a remote video boardgame with Leck


Weekly trivia by Leck with statistic tracking

1 on 1 fighting

ranked battles (mvc, sc2, sf2, dead or alive, or tekken tag)

Remote Tabletop

(roleplaying with video using computers or smart phones)
Hero Quest and possibly later Dungeons and Dragons
hero quest requires a dungeon master, but it's the most basic dnd game i've ever seen. (to play this, you play from your computer and it will work like a browser based video chat room. you will be able to move your character on a webpage, but everything else will be done by Leck. This is the first time anyone will be able to interact with me remotely with me throwing a video stream over the internet. (i've never done webcam before, even though I have 3 realtime cameras)
All tabletop skill levels accepted and welcomed for hero quest, but you need some experience to play dungeons and dragons. (dnd is world of warcraft manually basically. the plus side is you can do anything you want in dnd, you can't in a video game like wow) This is good if you don't like video games. wow moves faster than tabletop and wow is what dnd (gamers) call "powergaming". A good thing about hero quest is that it's a game for beginners. you can't mess up when you play hero quest, but you can in dnd. Just try to beat the hero quest game, it's simple. You may roleplay in hero quest if you desire. (in dnd you have to be roleplaying, so no metagaming or doing things out of character) If you think you know how to roleplay, play some of the earlier wizardry video games, because you can cheat in those games, but you have to control yourself not to. (wizardry games available from this website soon)
for single player only games visit the download page here

Use your best headphones or speakers when listening to these

All music:
everything on the old music page is in the music download (except for the youtube videos) plus 10 times as many songs!

Movies and tv anchor link
These movies are rated 1-3 in computer knowledge given. I am not putting movies that have bs.
(3) is you can learn a ton from this movie. The movie is packed with info and so technical usually hard to understand.
(2) usually a computer based movie. the whole movie is not full of info but it\B4ll still teach you a lot.
(1) at least 1 good scene of computer knowledge is there that is not common knowledge but the movie is based around something else.

tv and movie links
mission impossible 4
(2) The Social Network
(3) hackers 1 and 2
(1) firewall
(1) cube 2 hypercube
(2) lawnmower man series
(2) numbers tv series
(1) lost in space movie
(2) matrix series
(2) Johnny Mnemonic
(1) war games (when it was made it would have been a 2)
(3) die hard 4 live free or die hard
(2) the net
(1) terminator tv series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

My brother (who is a doctor) said scrubs is the best tv series with respect to doctors
My uncle (who is a lawyer) said law and order is the best for law
Numbers is the most accurate and advanced tv show for computers that i've ever seen. (if you aren't in the computer profession, or you don't know a ton about computers; I suggest to watch the terminator tv series first, because the information is accurate and more basic).

Not for Children

Please abide by the rules for protected content in your country.
American cara rules

Artificial Intelligence anchor link
I will only post what step I am on and how much longer it will take to get to the next step. When each part is done I may allow it downloadable. Either way it will be downloadable for free from this website when it\B4s finished, like everything else.

You may enable and disable stages at will. All the numbered stages less in numerical value have to be enabled for a certain level to be enabled.

Level 1 "Spot" - takes away the mouse and keyboard 100% (but you can still use them if you wish) and replaces it with a microphone

Level 2 "Dick or Jane" - basic static artificial intelligence (optional)

Level 3 "HAL" (from 2001) - ability to learn, but I will need to direct its learning on a day to day basis (optional)

Level 4 "War games movie computer" - ability to learn without user management. This is the final step of a computer brain. It will learn like a human child (optional)

Level 5 "Robot body on 4 legs"

Level 6 "Put ai into robot body"

the optional levels you can enable and disable in a single word I\B4m programming this in basic, not lisp

abilitiy to enable or disable while the program is running

sim - stop if misunderstand
The computer will ask you if it does not understand a word you said

con - confirm
The computer will prompt everything it does before it does anything

safety - safetys
protects the user and other people from being taken advantage of by the program

Current progress:
working on level 2

if you want weekly updates (at the most) about this project, contact me with your email address. (unsubscribing is easy)
Internet TV and Phone anchor link

Alternative to a cellular telephone plan

with this current phone you get voicemail, the ability to call, choose your own phone number, blacklist phone numbers like email, even only allow calls through that you have on your friends list (if you wish) all for free. (and more)
However, if you want a complete phone you will have to pay something but even the complete phone cannot dial emergency numbers like 911. still for about 1/4th of the cost of a phone plan which gives you the same and not having big brother listen to anything you say, this is a good deal. the only downside is you don't have a phone provider, so if this phone goes down it will be a couple days before i fix the problem. i've been using my own phone as my primary phone since 2010, so it's good enough as a substitute phone.
Level 1
there are 2 parts which are free. the first is the "calling portion" (gmail) where you make phone calls and the 2nd is where you recieve calls to your "voicemail" (google voice). for both of them they work off of a google account (which is like a google email address) so i suggest you create a new google email address instead of use your current email address for the google account.
the link to create a google account is https://accounts.google.com
once you've created the account you can save these links to access your phone and voicemail.
to make calls:
to do everything else:
it's free forever unless google changes it.
Level 2
as for level 2 i won't do a complete walkthrough so i don't know if it works because i'm not using this part of my phone at the moment. i used to use this, so i know it used to work.
using skype to recieve calls, and google voice to send calls, pay for jetnumbers for $5 a month because you cannot send google voice directly to skype for some reason. (there might be a better way to handle this, but i havne't found it).
as for taking the phone with you, you need a mobile hotspot usb device (or something which does the same thing). it's like wifi but it is all within something the size of a flash drive (newer laptops might have this feature built in already). you can purchase a mini netbook (smallest computer possible) to carry around like a telephone. it's about the same size as a tablet and it wont have a monthly fee nearly as high. this is for people who want to save $100 or more per month for the benefits of a much more expensive phone.
obviously with a full computer and internet you can access facebook, youtube, web browser, and video games.

make sure if you do this SAVE ALL INFORMATION USED TO SIGN UP just in case you continue to use this phone
i suggest using headphones to make phone calls so the person on the other end doesn't hear an echo when you speak.
you may call me to test if it works. you may text me to test if it works. you may contact me to ask me to help you set this up. 530-iam-leck (5304265325). assume if you are reading this message this phone works.
i don't make any money off of this obviously. i don't like people paying for things they don't have to.
Alternative to cable tv anchor link
you can get almost all movies and tv serieses from a torrent website. use vlc media player to play them on a computer. if you want to watch them on tv, make sure your tv has a usb input. it will look the same as the input on a computer. the usb input works with any flash drive or hard drive. the key is that it has to be formatted with FAT32 and usually in mp4 format.

you can transfer video files in windows easily with freemake.

here are the steps

install this

search for movies or tv serieses here. save them to your computer.

to watch them on your computer, install this.

to watch them on a tv with a usb port, install this.
http://www.freemake.com/free_video_converter/ you need the internet tv device and an internet connection. internet tv devices are: roku box($30), the wii ($200), 360($200), ps3($250)), blueray($150), appletv ($?), some smart phones, and some flatscreen tvs
the best free station is revision3 i've heard netflix and hulu plus together make a good substitute for direct tv or cable tv
the roku2 allows multiplayer games, the roku1 does not.
there are 50 channels you get for free with internet tv and approximately 500 more that you can buy if you want.
it's nice to only pay for channels you want instead of all channels, and get the ability to rent current console games with your netflix or hulu plus.

if all else fails, try this.


I don\B4t get commission or a bonus for any of this, I just don\B4t don\B4t like people paying for things they don\B4t need
Science and religion anchor link
"Magic is a word to classify something we do not understand yet"

"SIN - Self In Need"

Terran antiquity and future (probable) (earth timeline)
(event that started the age)
Age 0: our creator deciding what to do
Age 1: big bang
Age 2: life forms on earth
Age 3: Dinasaurs are destroyed
Age 4: sentient life forms on earth (man and woman)
Age 5: (currently) flood (almost all people are killed and the canopy which was where the ozone layer was is destroyed
Age 6: world war (all but 1,000,000 people die and one man figures out how to avoid necrosis (death))
Age 7: Someone dies again
Age 8+: unknown (paradise)

"You call it magic, but that's because you don't understand the science. All magic can be explained with science. I come from a place where science and magic (miracle) are one and the same"
-Thor 2011

Department of Intelligence


Holy shit!
(our brains operate with a quantum encryption)


Here is a really simple explanation of imaginary numbers:
Imaginary numbers are simply (0,1) Basically an array of 2 with the 1st number being the real number and the 2nd being imaginary. Every real number, like 5 or (5,0), has an imaginary part, but the imaginary part is almost always 0, so the imaginary part is never written.


the bibles (torah, christian bible, catholic bible) are at best 90% correct. there wasn't a problem with the translations when they were translated, but language has morphed so words don't mean what they used to. take the word 'resilent'. that means 'bounce back'. resilent does not mean 'not breakable'. this is why i'm retranslating the bible, because you miss the original meanings of god's inspired word when you read a translation that was done 2000 years later, and the translation is 300 years old.

to clarify. the new king james (christian) is the most accurate new testament translation, and the american (catholic) is the most accurate old testament translation (i'm not sure about the most accurate torah).
read and compare psalm 23 in the nkj and american if you don't believe (because if you could read hebrew you would agree). there is no mention of death in 'valley of the shadow of death' in the original hebrew. american bible was translated directly from hebrew to english, but most bibles translate from the original languages to latin and then latin to english losing some of the original meaning. the american bible translates that verse 'dark valley' and it's the only english translation which arrived at the same translation that i did.

"With faith like a mustardseed, you can move a mountain"
- Jesus of nazareth, the sheppard of god
"Be careful what you wish for, because you may not want it when you get it"
- Leck

This is a great way to explain time travel if time travel is possible
D\E9j\E0 Vu (2006)
(note to leck, insert picture)

If you want a website for yourself, there are instructions how to create your own website for free forever on the internet legally here http://www.lecksite.com/website.html.

Laws are different in different countries, laws change over time in any given country. i\B4m sure you can think of a law that is changing or has changed in the last 10 years that affects your everyday life. Don't assume that every law is 100% correct and good. (hint hint copyright law and amendment of 1996) I could rewrite that law so it wouldn't kill our video game, movie, and music industries. A lot of problems in our economy come from media piracy.

I will not help you hurt or steal from any person or group of people directly.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this entire page!

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Leck (programmer/manager/owner) http://www.lecksite.com
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Information Technology help question Joke

Computer professional: What operating system are you using?
Blonde: I don\B4t know, if someone says I\B4m giving them too much lip I change what I\B4m doing.
Computer professional: Are you running under windows 7?
Blonde: Well I did get an office with a window after spending the night with my boss, but I only have 2, not 7.
Computer professional: ...
Computer professional: Let\B4s see if I can help you anyway, do you have a mouse?
Blonde: No, can we please talk about my computer problem? I have to get back to stapling papers.
Computer professional: Ok, so what is the problem?
Blonde: The computer TV is black.
Computer professional: Not a problem. We\B4ll get that fixed for you as soon as possible. Try pressing the power button twice,
Blonde: What\B4s a power button?
Computer professional: Nevermind, I\B4ll be right there.