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custom website design
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this is the only page which will remain my original template for this website. if you want to see my current template you can use the last hyperlink at the bottom of this page.
first i will explain how to make a website, then i will show you the websites i made. i organized the custom website design into 3 difficulty levels.

beginners -
when it's an accomplishment just to make a website (free)

sign up with

and make a website like you would in microsoft word. this is great because it's really easy.

your website is www.(whatever you decide).webs.com . if i made my website with this solution, my website would be www.lecksite.webs.com .

the only downsides are that you cannot add things like videos to your website (but you can link to youtube). it's simply pictures, words, and links. in addition you would lose everything if you decide to change webhosts.

advanced -
when you need an affordable website (this solution is 100% free or I can charge to make it for you.)

use a word processor like microsoft word or libreoffice (http://www.libreoffice.org/) to make the website and change the website.

video instructions (recorded in 2012)

upload to the ftp through filezilla or internet explorer (firefox doesn't work as of the time i wrote this) this is your webhost: http://www.000webhost.com/ . the webshost holds your website on their computer and it's up 24/7.

the good things about this website solution is you can migrate (change) webhosts easily, and you have full control over you website. it's also 100% free unlike other non laymen web hosts.

this is your website name with this free web hosting company - http://www.freedomain.webege.com/ (the freedomain you substitute with whatever you choose)

fyi you can drop the http when you tell people your website name, so for example if i were using this free webhost it would be www.lecksite.webege.com .

the only downside to this is the coding (website construction) is not done by hand, so there is a good chance that there will be minor graphical errors on other operating systems or web browsers. there is a way to code it by hand with this webhost.

example advanced websites by Lecksite:
http://mellowfellows12.webs.com/ (unmanaged)

http://monicascreation.webege.com (sold: managed by client)

http://gamer247.site11.com/ (unmanaged)

professional -
when it has to be done right and quickly (i charge $250-$3000 for these depending on what is involved)

this type of web design is going to have recurring fees, so it's for businesses or rich individuals.

this type of website should be managed by someone who is able to make changes in code. anything is possible with a website, so this solution is best to have a website which is very visually appealing, or has a function other than click on this and that.

generally big businesses get custom web design and small businesses get template web design. this is low cost custom web design. I am versed in internet security as well as database design and marketing techniques (seo)

example professional websites by Lecksite:
the only website i've made this way is my personal website. i pay a low cost $5 per month to rent a server so i don't have to worry about hosting my own website from home. obviously if i make a website for someone else, it won't have some of the flaws of my personal website. sometimes there are graphical bugs on my personal website i am not in a rush to fix.
http://www.lecksite.com (this is my personal website to practice web design)