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Poem life is like a prison
life is like being in prison...
your job is your hard labor
when you apply for a better job it's like you are before the parole committee
if you do something bad you go to prison. That's like being moved to a worse prison or solitary.
Some people get conjegal visits, but they are infrequent, even with a girlfriend boyfriend or spouse.
You hope you don't have an unexpected large expense. That's the same as getting something stolen from you in prison.
Your sentence is your lifespan. Some people die early, and that's like getting out early on good behavior.
Killing yourself is like escaping prison. Getting murdered is like someone else breaking you out.
I only wonder if there was something I did before I was born which sentenced me to this incarceration. I wonder if I will exist after I die. Does it really matter what we do in life if we don't exist afterwards? I still do the right things in life just in case there is an afterlife. If I cease to exist when I die, nothing was lost other than a slightly better life. Doing the right things in life makes your life slightly worse, but it tends to help other people's lives.

christmas cheer
lots of beer
family and friends near
are the other 364 days devoid of holiday cheer?
do you become a killjoy if you shed a sorrowful tear?
new year's resolution
lose fat by puking
earn more money by doing
fall in love by wooing
why are youth and beauty golden?
why are love and money lifelong acquisitions?
valentine hunny and hubby
chocolate hearts; a rose with a stem stubby
a date, dinner, then a movie while cuddling
a secret admirier and a valentine acceptance query
why not water taffies, lilacs, and games like spin the wine bottle 40?
why aren't dates over breakfast the fad to start your day in a good way?
easter eggs
rabbits with legs
a scavanger hunt at greg's
jesus with holy hands and legs
since when do bunnies lay eggs?
we were supposed to go to church instead of greg's
memorial day and 4th of july
american flags on poles up high
parades and bands and blimps in the sky
hamburgers, french fries, and katchup on the side
are these the holidays to remember veterans and cry?
or more excuses to get drunk and high?
veteran's day and day of labor
arlington cemetary with the unknown soldier
work 9 to 5 then go home sore
munitions and boots on the ground has turned to cold war
does it make you a war veteran to have trained syrians in the corps?
are we supposed to appreciate people who work longer more?
all hallows eve the following day is all soul's eve
scream "trick or treat" and candy recieve
ghosts, vampires, and zombies are hard to believe
why do we have a holiday for people after earth they leave?
why not celebrate those who are living, and when they die only once grieve?
we are thankful for turkey
corn, stuffing, and family
a break from our jobs and dailies
thankful our ancesters traded with indians are we
our forefathers struggled against an oppresive government, the little ice age, and travelling to a new land to be free
on this holiday we eat food, travel, and talk with people we rarely see

original riddles (most are original)
by chris chandler
what is a question you cannot answer yes to?
"are you asleep"
what is a question you cannot answer no to?
"are you awake"
what cannot be given without being recieved?
"a hug"
you can run and hide, but i will always find you. i usually find you faster if you run. some people like me. some people hate me. you are always aware when i am not here. you are almost never aware when i am here. what am i?
what goes up but never comes down?
"water vapor"
many men have tried to fight me, but there is no proof any men have won. i bring men to their knees. i am more valuable than platinum. when your version of me comes, i kill you. what am i?
I am sometimes right but never left. what am i?
"an angle"
i am the non physical substance of memories. i am an indeterminate measure. i am usually an infantesimally diminutive period. what am i?
"a moment"
when you look back, you cannot see me, but i'm always there. i'm as close as 1 second away at times. i'm much further away other times. i never catch you. people often forget i'm there. what am i?

(to be read slowly audibly)
paradoxical sayings poem
most of these paradoxes i have added to or modified in order to make people think about them more. i also have some original paradoxes.
## well known sayings ##
a picture is worth 1000 words a video is 1000 pictures what is 1000 vidoes?
if a word falls from your mouth in the woods and there is nobody around to hear it, does it make a sound?
if violence begets more violence, what begets violence?
## life, death, and humans ##
if life is too short, why do some things feel like an eternity?
what happens to us after we die? is it the same thing which happened to us before we were born?
if the last person who knew something forgets it or dies, is it lost forever? why do living things die?
from the jewish king solomon "what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul?" i ask you, what does it profit a man if he loses the world and gains his soul?
why do humans lie?
why do humans ask why?
why are animals seeminly content with ignorance, but humans are discontent being ignorant, when humans have not achieved omniscience yet?
why are humans different from one another? (this does not refer to the 2 sexes)
## omnipotence ##
Could an omnipotent being create a stone so heavy that even they could not lift it? Can God create a prison so secure that he cannot escape from it? What would happen if an irresistible force were to meet an immovable object?
## conclusion ##
i leave you with this extended quote from René Descartes, published in 1637 in his book “Discourse on Method of Rightly Conducting One’s Reason and of Seeking the Truth in the Sciences” (this quote was slightly modified by leck because it was extremely difficult to understand in the original language)
" But I observed, while I was resolved to assume that everything was false. I, who thought, must of necessity be somewhat; and iterating this truth --I think, therefore I am-- this truth was so firm and so assured that all the most extravagant suppositions of the sceptics were unable to shake it. I judged I could unhesitatingly accept it as the first principle of the philosophy I was seeking. I could assume "if" there was no world, I could not assume I did not exist. "
## end of poem ##
this is the actual quote
But I observed that, while I was thus resolved to feign that everything was false, I who thought must of necessity be somewhat; and remarking this truth--I think, therefore I am--was so firm and so assured that all the most extravagant suppositions of the sceptics [sic] were unable to shake it. I judged that I could unhesitatingly accept it as the first principle of the philosophy I was seeking. I could feign that there was no world, I could not feign that I did not exist.
the american nightmare
a poem by chris chandler
once upon a time in the new land
people rushed to mine gold if needed by hand
the fountain of youth or so it would seem
this was the beginnings of the american dream
indiginous people from the sioux, navajo, and apache
were treated as equals as remembered in thanksgiving holiday
many things have changed since those glorious days
of white man and indian trading furs for hays
we have black people, white people, and even swirl
now you can change from a boy to a girl
the american dream morphs into the american nightmare
greed, hate, and fear are common and everywhere
gone are the days of leave it to beaver
people wish things could just be as they were
back when big business and government were friendly and honest
they shared the wealth with even the poorest
america has lost its appeal. gold might as well be dust
real crime is not punished. hitler would be in lust
there is so much manipulation and corruption going on in a mass scale
while our once great nation has been labled the organized crime ring where big businesses never fail
there used to be plenty for everyone and good cheer all around
it's a good day when your friends talk to you and nobody else makes a sound
the rich get richer whilest the poor get poorer
inequality for all! cigars all around! no money no sir!
honest selfless love is virtually gone.
you will find more love for objects and egos than your fellow man
centuries ago most important were life, liberty, and the persuit of hapiness
which is now life extension, liberty to hurt others, and joy one upping the rest
you would be hard pressed to find a more horrible society in human history
whether or not people realize. at this rate humans are heading to genocide eventually
be it overpopulation, economic corruption, or simple hate in our hearts
there might be a way to reverse the downward direction, but where do we start?
instead of voting, picketing, and standing up for what's right
i look back to myself and correct me so i can sleep at night
i cannot change the world, but i can modify myself
if i have no regrets, then it seems i have wealth
not wealth in money or skills or looks
compared to some others, none of these are my hooks
i don't consider myself joyful, or even happy or content
but i learn from my mistakes, and have not wronged another without recompence
some people claim to have done no wrong and make others believe it to be so
but deep down inside everyone's conscience knows
you have the inaudible voice inside which nags or consoles
hopefully it's the latter, otherwise you have a tormented soul
i don't acutally know if there is a heaven hell or life after death
imagining a place worse than earth is impossible for me. trying gives me unrest
if there was supposed to be a worse place than here according to prophets and scripture
why can't i imagine a worse place with bitterness and torture?
a person can live their entire life and never find hapiness
often a person's life is filled with anger and stress
are love and hapiness as fleeting as youth and beauty?
i hear over and over old is bad and the young are royalty
age is better than beauty in nature and the animal kingdom
what makes youth so much better with humans? if youth is so good, how come?
the american nightmare has begun and the less you complain

allows you to keep your social status, freedom, and continue playing your crying game
the game of life after all is not good or bad people say
then why am i broke, sleep deprived, out of shape, stressed, and working all dam day?
a revolution needs to happen, but it won't be plain and simple
something needs to bend and break in our socialeconomical spindle
pray and hope for the best and prepare for the worst
or you will be scraping dung out of toilets until you return to god's good green earth
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poetry - has rhythem or rhyme
prose - ordinary and natural writing or speech
parts of poems
meter - syllable
foot - 1 stressed and 1 unstressed syllable
rhyme (rhythem) - homonyms or rhythem between meters, feet, or lines
line - grouping of feet without a carriage return within
(when lines or feet rhyme it refers to the final syllable unless otherwise noted. the numbers refer to stresses when in rhyme (rhythem) and the letters refer to homonyms when in rhyme)
types of poems
haiku - 10-17M
stanza - 2-4L
epitaph - short
cinquain - 5L 5M a,b,c,d,aRL
sestet - 6L a,b,c,c,b,aRL
octave - 8L 5M a,b,b,a,a,b,b,aRL
balassi - 9L b,b,a,c,c,a,d,d,aRL 6,6,7,6,6,7,6,6,7RM
terza rima - 12L a,b,a,b,c,b,c,d,c,d,e,dRL
onegin - 14L a,b,a,b,c,c,d,d,e,f,f,e,g,gRL 1,2,1,2,1,1,2,2,1,2,2,1,2,2RL
limerick - a,a,b,b,aRL part1 2L 3F 5M part2 2L 2F 3M part3 1L 3F 5M
Tanka - 5L part1 5M part2 7M part3 5M part4 7M part5 7M
Ode - 3 parts

ode to poetry
words for the speechless
comfort for the heartless
joy for the soulless
hapiness fo the loveless
words for the restless
materials for the pennyless
time for the watchless
ego for the IDless
words for the rhythemless
rhythem for the toneless
speech for the wordless
serenity for the homeless
Our World in 2040 titled 'Future World' (sequel to wanee)
Chapter 1
This is only one possible future...
many years from now on a goldilocks planet where we are right now
named "the earth" or "terra", this 3rd rock from our yellow sun, how we got here only god knows how
our atmospheric planet somewhere lost in the silent bottomless pit of space
as we humans compete against one another in some kind of terrestrial race
not for the greater good, not for life extension, nor global peace or happiness
if an alien race beheld our existence, they would probably call it a gargantuan mess
our story begins in a small country of germany in a small city named "landau"
where a boy and a girl on their parents farm doing work simply pushing a plow.
these aren't ordinary siblings doing ordinary work for no reason
these 2 adult children are on a date, not siblings at all, however they are freezing
they have always wanted to head off to get married in america away from the farm
now they have finally come of age, so next summer with school finished they will head where it's warm.
this boy and this girl are no ordinary couple.
they have well exceeded all expectations by a factor of double.
they are sick and tired of the financial problems in their country and continent.
they want to make a difference in the world before our planet is 'space for rent'
the political situation of our world is far from ok
most first world countries are lining up drone ships along their bays.
by this time in our world, battles are seldom fought with people on the battlefield.
instead war plays more like a video game cold war when a country refuses to yield.
with over a dozen nations nuclear capabale the world is an interesting place
very tense in the news. one can only imagine the world leaders tensing their buttocks every time a city is laid to waste
the nuclear capable countries have the power to devestate the entire world with nuclear missiles
at the touch of a button and an order or 2, any of those nuclear countries can annhialate the rest of the world with the sound of cloaked rocket whistles
the only hope for our planet is to correct the problems with laws.
the UN, now the world government, is overwhelmed with individual country flaws.
this should have been done a long time ago.
but now any country with a nuclear weapon is given priority and unintentionally an ego
the world has just begun to colonize the moon.
unfortunately the project had to be halted to put our money towards more important things or it would have become a financial boon.
most of the western world is a mixed race between blacks whites and hispanics.
it's less a question of nationality and more a question of where you were born in a hospital or in some house while everyone paniced.
the world has become overpopulated with the souls approching 10 billion.
the UN had to enact laws to keep couples from having multiple children
if you break this law there is a way to keep under the UN's eye
but you may not do anything legally, so you might as well just die
this is the sad world our 2 protagonists brechtel and katarina live in right now.
half of the world agrees this is literal hell written about in muslim judism and christianity. the older people alive are shocked we are here and how
this is the worst of the worst. it won't be long until something breaks
we are bent, torn, and downtrodden. people would welcome a world war for the children's sake
our story begins with brechtel and kat in america attempting to get into politics.
they are the brightest of the bright, fluent in english. they memorize long things exactly just for kicks.


living on the moon titled "Wanee" - a rhyme based on fact
chapter 1
the year is 2020. this will probably come to pass,
undoubtedly in reality if you follow the news you will easier grasp.
the concept of space travel, if but only to our moon
the chineese claim to conquer this frontier very soon.
our story begins with the young chineese woman named wanee
who is an engineer and a genius (this story is quite normal for a chi nee)
wanee is set to be on the first manned chineese mission to the moon which leaves from the gobi desert
a plan so outrageous, the rest of the world thought it impossible for china to colonize our cheeseball dessert.
the spacecraft and crew had no human pilot
instead there was a captain who made sure the vessel didn't crash while robotics fly it.
you have to be a chineese citizen to travel to the moon unfortunately no other countries are going to accomplish this soon.
the moon has to be terraformed, so this is no space race or vacation
unfortunately all the money paid to the us government to live on the moon was void and sadly non returnable by our nation.
wanee strapped herself into the leather chair, excited to once again see the stars.
she always wanted to be the first woman on mars.
now she can settle for the first woman on earth's natural sattilite,
she'd get to tell her children and grandchildren how she was the first in this colonization plight.
the spacecraft lifted off, the crew pulled 6 Gs
as the craft broke through earth's decaying atmosphere, the beautiful stars wanee sees.
the crew of this ship were not wide eyed rookies beholding the bottomless pit of space,
but this trip would be different because for the first time since 72, someone else would touch the moon's face.
with no trouble through liftoff, breakaway or the crews lunch being lost
wanee's first stop naturally would be the brand new chineese space station fictionally named in english, albatross
after soft dock, hard dock, then pressurazation did take
wanee rushed to the door. she wanted to be the first through the gate.
wanee had never been on a space station, only simulated it with glee
the gate opened, the air shifted from pressurazation inequality, and she was thrown down to "one knee"
chapter 2
looking upwards she gasps. lo and behold to her eyes
is a stunning young man of high rank. wanee all but cries.
she thought the space station, was deserted of crew
apparently someone got assigned there first, with a nametag reading "captain too"
the man said not a word; staring down at wanee
not with indignation, but curiousity
why would this young woman kneel before entering my boat?
thought the captain to himself. he allowed himself to then gloat.
wanee quickly rose up and made a mental note
to hack a mission computer before the next mission so this never again happens, end note
after debriefing and briefing and small talk and laughter
everyone became aware of what will happen in the soon herafter
the crew is going to change fuel, add cargo, add people, making them plus 2.
then travel to the "light side of the moon" and be the first group to set up biosphere X2
(the light side of the moon is a misnomer which means the side facing the earth
because the sun hits the moon on every side, and every named mountain of it's huge girth)
the moon being earth's only natural sattelite we should treat the moon with care.
it's saved our asses many times, even once this millenium from a comet so beware
don't take the cheeseball for granted or you might find
if the moon gets displaced, broken, or breaks out of orbit, the space junk will send earthlings out of their mind
after a 2 day journey from the earth to the moon,
the spaceship makes the decent to the grey ball, when wanee begins to swoon.
not low gravity, high gravity, blood loss, or from bad food she feels woozy
but because one of the plus two in the craft happens to be captain too, who seated across from her, causes wanee to fantasize about them getting schmoozy
touchdown without problems; only minor bugs in the 'puters
wanee leaves the vessel last in order to fix her 2 hooters
she wants to impress, but as soon as she leaves, her attention and thoughts change dramatically from what she does see
millions of bright stars, captain too sobbing in awe, wanee once again falls slowly to "one knee"
chapter 3
standing on the moon paralized in one place
because of low gravity and the unusual feeling of one millimeter between wanee and space
while standing on a heavenly body, not standing on a ship, it felt less like a planet and more like a water ship
tearing through the silence and line noise of wanee's reciever
captain too in command relayed orders from his tranciever
the orders were ordinary, elementary, and simple
wanee processed quite quickly then returned to beholding her situation while raising a dimple
their mission was simple; to take readings, samples, and assess
in order to give the brainacs on earth the information needed in making the final assessment if they could progress
in building an incredible feat of technology: the biosphere X2
however if they read their bible, the would realize under the surface is better to build the X2
with the readings and samples all completely completed
too planned extra time in their visit because their trip may never be repeated
Back in the space craft now, elated from their moonwalk
all systems are nominal, all systems are a go, the albatross begins to liftoff
partly fueled by helium, partly by solar, partly big hopes and cold fusion
the albatross punched it to mach 20, then the ship was really cruisin
the plan is to take 2 nights on the prototype space station before heading to earth
unfortunately shortly after docking, mission control initiated red alert, then captain too as in reply uttered an emotionless curse
almost instantly at the phone too put them on speaker
wanee listened intently as the calm voice explained how their future just got bleaker
a comet crashed into the sun, and this normally isn't a problem
but like murphy's law coupled with occom's razer, a solar flare would hit the station to spell out their doom
the massive solar flare was a one in a million
the crew found themselves in the worst place at the worst time when the flare does its grillin
the flare would decimate the station and probably destroy the albatross as well
this solar flare as well as the mission, turned out to be the situation from hell
fortunately there is an experimental solar shield which has never been tested
but simulated countless times, and if anything didn't work, everything would get wasted
their only hope is to pile into the albatross and that's where they all headed
except wanee stayed behind attempting to engage the solar shield; the "captain too" also there to contimplate the decision they just made which everyone dreaded.
if they don't get the shield up in T plus 12 minutes
wanee and too would be baked, fried, and hard boiled from inside out, all the way from the start to the finish
chapter 4
The shield was not intended to protect ships from being burned
it seems the governments of the world only have hindsight, so consider the lesson already learned
most of the sattelites around earth are made well enough because nobody goes inside
there just isn't enough time for the albatross to hide
Wanee put this out of her mind, for this was not her concern
wanee needeed to make sure hundreds of billions of dollars (us) of experiements don't get burned
This seemed impossible to accomplish from the start to the finish
this was a project for a few weeks, not only just 9 minutes
wanee and too split the jobs into computer operation and everything else
if they didn't get this solar shield up it would be very bad for their health
wanee in the cockpit noticed movement outside
she had done nothing yet, so it might be a problem, wanee expectantly sighed
after 5 seconds of observation wanee realized it's the albatross preparing to depart
she calculated this was probably intentional then felt herself vibrating at the heart
wanee had unintentionally involuntarily flooded her bloodstream with a lot of adrenaline
this had helped her in the past in all her difficult schools when grades were competitive where she would usually win
wanee was tripletasking so well it would be awesome to behold
then out of the corner of her eye, she saw the albatross now unattached beginning a roll
after 5 minutes of frantic non stop work
the solar shiled delployed and excitedly wanee let out a shurk
the albatross was attempting to use their rentry heat shield to block the radiation of the sun
this wasn't an easy task in space because a flare is invisible not to mention something like this has never been done
the flare about to hit, everyone closed their eyes.
nobody needed to do anything more. they will wait to see if they become french fried
chapter 5
The tumultuous silence reverberated as silent thunder in everyone's minds
like in answer to the question, the flare hit, a few explosions heard, but everyone is sill alive when wanee once again sighed
wanee networked with the albatross's computer to get the damage report
she wanted to know what broke and how to prioratize repairs on the space fort
wanee check everyones life signs first to make sure everyone lived through the flare
like nature was teasing, wanee saw too flatlined. wanee began to stare
she didn't know how long she sat staring but realize this wasn't good
if too went from alive to no heartbeat in 2 seconds, revival attempts probably unsuccessful they would
the station auto suppressing the fires as wanee ran quickly past
it didn't take long to circumnavigate a circular station and in addition wanee ran fast
she got to the science section and noticed the doors were auto sealed
it was depressurallized inside with too all over the place. this didn't appear to be something easily healed
wanee fell into a fetal position bawling and shaking in sadness and anger
wanee was angry the station wasn't built better and sad she wasn't the one in mortal danger
the crew from the albatross arrived shortly thereafter
it seemed they knew everything already having probably seen the explosion when they immediately comforted her
even though too was CO they didn't need someone in charge
to effect emergency repairs to keep from dying on this dilapatated barge
a hundred billion dollar station, only monatarily surpassed by the experiments
the mission a success; the first chineese life lost in space. something seemed not to make sense
chapter 6
It was 51 years since a person first walked on the moon
They should have been prepared for this flare, instead the ranking officer died too soon
they were already behind schedule to colonize our only moon, announced from 2011
this turned out to be the mission from hell, instead of a fun ride from earth to the heaven
there was only minor damage to the space station thanks to wanee and the shield
however the albatross developed holes, which would need to be sealed
in addition the heat shield needs to be repaired
they didn't have the materials for repairs which got everyone a little scared
hopefully they have enough atmospheric gas to remain in space
until mission control sends a ship, making this a fatal space race
after stabalizing the emergencies and putting out the last fire
everyone began discussing who the new acting captain should be, because that person's career would get one step higher
a few minutes of deliberation they arrived at the obvious conclusion
wanee being the next highest in rank, and also the youngest of the group, the responsibility would feel like a ton
wanee never led a mission, but she was the best choice overall
everyone looked at wanee, then someone uttered, "madam captain, sir, it's your call"
chapter 7
being the 2nd female to make history in space
like Valentina Tereshkova, wanee at home was clothed with satin and lace
wanee relayed order after order
it seemed so natural. obviously leadership comes to wanee second nature
mission control just launched a rescue space shuttle
the docking mechanism broke, so docking would be anything but subtle
it only takes 40 minutes to get from earth to earth's orbit
even if they didn't have any oxygen reserve left, they would be fine with the oxygen within, as long as nobody throws a fit
the biggest problem is still docking without destroying the station
after this mission, this crew could really use a vacation
wanee ordered the sealing off the approach corridor while the space shuttle attempted to dock
thus reducing the chance the station would explode, however many problems still remained with hard dock
minutes passed with communication between wanee and the two crews
a decision was agreed upon to attach the 2 space bohemoths with a type of space paper that had the least chance of ripping in two
it looked like the thing at an airport between a plane and the boarding ramp doors
obviously it had to be airtight, so making sure the space shuttle doesn't depressurize from unseen pores
the space shuttle arrived, and out on spacewalk went the shuttle's crew
the two astronauts outside opted to remain on the spacewalk in case the shuttle blew
the 2 captains named wanee and mi prayed a prayer before the shuttle opened the hatch
wanee stood opposite the shuttle door where she had a very good view of the makeshift air patch
with a single loud click, a violent woosh, and something which sounded like a tear did echo
wanee gasped because the space shuttle was about to blow
much to wanee's relief, everything seemed to be fine
the ripping sound must have been the space paper filling with air when wanee again sighed
everything seemed ok now and repairs were underway
when they get back to earth and the debriefing process was finished, wanee would need to file a death report right away
wanee would reconsider her career in space at a later time
she needed to focus on the repairs by not putting anyone's life on the line
no more problems came up with the repairs and the landing
many cheers welcomed the crews as wanee observed that too's sacrifice wasn't in vain
years later the scientists and world leaders decided to start construction on the biosphere
being a few years behind schedule because of the life lost; that much is clear
the economic problems of the world continue to worsen
the chineese made a good decision attempting to colonize the moon because earth was a lions den
only time will tell if attempts to colonize the moon will ever succeed
or be another failed endeavour causing taxpayer's budgets to bleed
wanee had just finished drafting her resignation from the great space race even after making history
she opened her apartment door to mail the letter when a gust of wind suddenly hit and wanee fell down to "one knee"


My name was Chris, and here I lie
6 feet under, on my back, though I cannot see the birds in the sky
I lie here soulless as you stand on my grave
And read my epitaph hoping your soul to save
I write about you, the one reading my stone
Standing on my gravesite under heaven's throne
Don't waste my time trampling my flowers
Go do something worthwile to pass your hours
So when your life ends you may write your own story
And rest in peace because your eptiaph tells of your glory
haiku in english-
poetry, or "a word dance"
or an audio fondue
many different types of poetry
general stanza-
the sky's the limit as you know quite well
we are caught between heaven and hell
sonnet (octave and sestet)-
ev'ry tick tock at night of an old clock
or the heartbeat you feel against your love
shows the definition of the octave
a poetic stanza that's hard to mock
because of the complexity within
it makes one speak these lines very easy
like when singing a song happily free
or maybe swaying side to side dancing
needs to be remade
terza rima-
here we begin the more complicated stanzas in popular poetry
these have rhymes and stressed feet you might not notice
whether you are an english professor or a wide eyed amateur you can see
you will appreciate poetry like satin with lace
the terza rima can bring a critic to benden knee
not to worship it but to appreciate it with every taste
they say the only true form of poetry in america is rap
of course there are less popular types you can see
unlike rap music it's rare after the lesser types to clap
here you appreciate the structured verse and tight schema
for it's the poet's job to dazzle instead of forcing to nap
this being one of the harder forms of poetry - this being the terza rima
german rhyme-
macht mir nix
was haste gesagt?
ich habe kein bock
fur dein undendliche heisse luft
aus deinem mund, du klingst wie einen doof
bitte bitte umdrehen mal gerade
sag mich nix etwas weiter o schade!
du haltst nie jeden tag die zunge
vielleicht eines tages deine worten nicht mehr komme
ich hoffe kein schmertz oder sterb uber dich
ich habe schon geschreiben, es mach mir ganz nix!
onegin stanza-
the jewels you wear
on your body
are so beauti
ful. But, if thee
built something that
flew on wings which
was wholly made
from jewels like jade
and flew up high.
above the sea
of the sunny
sky. to strop a
bove our galaxy
just you and me.
The ugly duckling
by chris chandler
wading in a pond swam an ugly duckling surrounded by frogs. there was so much mud around the pond and on the frogs and duckling that if you were to look you would assume there were all frogs in that pond.
the duckling had seen its mother and knew it would change into a swan one day. the duckling had no idea when that would happen though. the duckling told the frogs that it isn't a frog, but the frogs laughed and every time the duckling mentioned that it's not a frog, that frog turned to another frog to ask if the other frog agrees that the duckling will not turn into a swan. the frogs were unintelligent and insecure.
one day the duckling went into a hole and didn't reemerge. the frogs noticed the duckling going into the hole, but just assumed the duckling was sad. the frogs didn't like the fact that they assumed the duckling was lying to them, so the frogs hoped and even prayed that the duckling would commit suicide.
after the duckling was in the hole a week, a swan came out. the frogs were so sure of themselves that the duckling was lying that the frogs didn't realize that the swan was formerly the ugly duckling. the frogs couldn't find the duckling in the hole so the frogs proceeded to form a search party to find the lost duckling. eventually the frogs had the duckling declared dead and they were relieved that the duckling wasn't there lying to them anymore.
the duckling (now a swan) left to find a new cleaner pond with ducklings or swans, but the duckling couldn't. there were many clean ponds but the only swans and ducklings were in zoos, and the duckling knew that it didn't want to live in a zoo. the duckling decided to travel far and wide to find a pond with its kind. a few minutes after the duckling started flying the duckling saw a forest fire nearby. the duckling as a swan was fast enough to fly back to the frogs and warn the frogs about the wildfire, but the frogs probably wouldn't believe it anyway. the duckling changed direction and as the duckling was flying away the duckling felt sorry for all of the frogs who would lose their home and probably lives also from the effects of the fire.
the end
one of the morals in this story isn't not to cry wolf, it's to believe someone when what they say sounds fantastic however still possible.
"How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?"
-sir arthur conan doyle
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