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if your computer is running vista or 7 it is fast enough to run playstation 2 games. you basically need a computer capable of running those operating systems to run this. i would highly suggest not to use linux to try this, because of as of the time of this post, they still need at least a few more months of fixing bugs for the linux ps2 emulator to work.

so use pcsx2 to play playstaion .iso files. you can download isos from a torrent (front page of my website kickasstorrents).
use windows media player 11 to play dvds and bluerays (free). if you can't get windows media player to work for dvds, try vlc. you need a dvd rom or a blueray rom on your computer to play those kinds of video cds. a cd rom only will not work
you need a controller for ps2 games. (if you don't have a controller download my nes or snes roms from my download page. they work great without a controller) the controller needs to look like a ps2, meaning it has the same amount of buttons and the 2 analog sticks.

install the pcsx2 (playstation emulator) with all defaults. then download a torrent group of your favorite type of game. for instance search kickasstorrents for "ps2 fps" for first person shooting games (war games where you control one person at a time) or "ps2 rpg" for role playing games. you can also search for individual games if you don't have a big hard drive because each game is about 10 gigabytes when you download it.

if you have playstation 2 games on cd form and want to save them, all you have to do is copy the cd. use nero 10 from my download page (or your favorite cd copier). if you cannot access my download page just do a search for "dvd copy" in your favorite search engine. you need to get the games in .iso form for them to work with pcsx2. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PLAY GAMES READING FROM YOUR CD DRIVE.

once again, this only works with windows vista or 7 or an xp computer with comperable specs. don't try to do this on any other os. right now only 2/3rds of games work on the computer, but they are figuring out how to make more games work every week. my guess is 90% of the games you are familiar with will work on the computer this way. i like being able to save my game progress at any time, and I play ps2 games on a netbook essentially turning my 2 lb computer into a ps2 with 100 games!

as an addendum if you have 2+ cores (or a hyperthreaded core like 2nd generation intel cores) ps2 games will run much smoother.