Not for children section
there is nothing here that is unsuitable for children. That means there is no nudity showing private parts or sex or extreme violence.
Still this is not intended for children because they make provocotive statements and jestures much like elvis presley, michael jackson, and most animated childrens movies.

For everyone who is over 17 or has a parent sitting by them...


Jordin Sparks - Shy Boy
Corina - Temptation
Jennifer Lopez - Play edited
Rihanna - Hard

Rihanna - Shut Up And Drive

This is an internet tv station, and i added it because it's playable with an internet tv device
so you go to your internet tv device (or oversized flatscreen tv if it has internet tv) in order to add this channel. you don't add internet tv channels from their website (but after you go to your internet tv device, it will give you the url to add the channel, so it will direct you back to the revision website)
(note to leck insert link)
(note to leck insert screenshot from end of episode 7)

"Life is like a penis. 
When it´s hard you get screwed,
and when it´s soft you can´t beat it"
- end of bloodrayne 2